2018 Health and Wellness Challenge

Okay, I’m not the best at sticking to my resolutions so we’re going to call this a challenge instead, let’s see if I can complete it.

Since it is now the beginning of a new year everyone is talking about their New Years resolutions which commonly surround healthy eating, excercise and becoming a better version of themselves. I love hearing people set these goals for themselves but it always seems that a few weeks later they seem to be forgotten already??? (Don’t worry, I am totally including myself here) This year I am ready to set some goals and stick to them, I am determined to become healthier with my eating habits, excercise more often and stay organized and on top of my school work.

This blog post (and my New Years challenge) has been inspired by a new course I am taking in my second semester at University. It’s a health and wellness course that requires each student to make a lifestyle change over the semester (4 months) and document it in a final paper. I thought for awhile about what change I could make, something easy to do and write about, but then I realized I could actually use this opportunity to become healthier (2018 goals!!!).

My lifestyle change I chose: Eating vegan one day a week.

I know, Vegan is such a popular diet so that’s why you’re doing this right? However, that’s not exactly why. I’ve made some vegan recipes before and actually really enjoyed them. Of course they take a little bit more work and thought but this is supposed to be a challenge! Lucky for me, since vegan is so popular right now there are SO many recipes and vegan bloggers available online that finding recipes to try won’t necessarily be a problem.

Okay so here’s my plan:

Every Saturday or Sunday I will only eat meals that are vegan. Most meals will probably contain: fruits, veggies, protein that isn’t a meat product and grains. I’m hoping that I’ll notice a difference in how I feel after eating vegan meals and maybe want to incorporate vegan eating into my diet more than one day a week.

I will be blogging my favourite recipes and tracking my progress on the blog so please follow if your interested in joining the challenge or just want to follow along!

Wish me luck! Xoxo,


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