Travel: Disneyland


Disneyland is called ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ and I have countless reasons why I believe this. 

Most people get to experience the magic of Disneyland at a young age, my first visit was at age 15. This is where my love for all things Disney grew immensely; and my family has now visited every summer since! Disneyland to me is a place where you can feel like a little kid again, you can believe anything is possible and be captivated by the magical energy that Disneyland creates. I absolutely love the rides and take full advantage of the Fast Pass options, which can now be easily obtained through the Disneyland App. However, a close second to the rides is the food. Specifically churros. These are my favourite treat at Disneyland and I don’t have any regrets splurging on a few of these a day.


The scenery at Disneyland is outstanding. The attention to detail is just amazing, every single area of Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure is completely decorated for it’s theme. While walking around I like to carefully look at every detail that makes up the ride, the waiting line areas, the restaurants and the merchandise stores. Don’t let me forget the costumes each character wears! I think these are some of the reasons why Disneyland appeals to so many ages, because there is literally something for everyone!


After 3 years of compacting the Disneyland experience into a 2 or 3 day trip I’ve learned a few tips and tricks.

1. The Disneyland App

I cannot emphasize this enough… Get the Disneyland App!!!! It is essential to having an organized and productive Disney trip. The newest feature on the app is the option to get Fastpass’ as soon as possible for an extra $10 a day per ticket. Rather than walking from ride to ride, or even park to park, it allows you to avoid lines so easily! With this additional cost you can also access an unlimited amount of professional photos taken by Disneyland photographers for you on the app. This allows you to download the photos directly to your phone the day they’re taken!

2. World of Colour Dinner Package

This year for the first time my family purchased tickets for a dinner package that gave us a viewing spot right at the front for the World of Colour show. There are 3 restaurants to choose from for the World of Colour Viewing dinner package. We had dinner at Wine Country Trattoria restaurant in the Disney California Adventure Park and it was delicious! It is also very close to the show so we didn’t have to go far at all! Don’t forget to watch the fireworks in the Disneyland park as well, both these shows are fantastic and are a must see while visiting Disneyland!

3. Comfy and Casual

My outfit usually has a big part in setting my mood for the day. Wearing the right thing for a long day at Disneyland is key to being comfy. I chose outfits that would keep me cool, comfy, casual and fashionable! Of course during the day it was very hot so I chose Lululemon workout shorts and a loose t-shirt paired with Nike running shoes. At night it cooled down quite quickly once the sun was gone, therefore I opted for dark wash jeans, light pink Vans and a black and white striped off-the-shoulder top. A messy top knot and some Ray bans completed my look. I’ll include photos below!


I hope you learned a few tips or maybe some outfit inspiration from this post! Let me know if you found anything to be helpful or if there are any questions!

xoxo, G

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